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Your sutures were removed today. Paper tape strips and/or steri-strips were placed directly over the skin to reinforce the wound, encourage healing and allow for a narrow scar.

You may have "deep" sutures, which are under the skin and hold the deep layers of skin and subcutaneous tissues together. These will dissolve in approximately six weeks and you won’t ever see them. Occasionally, as the sutures are dissolving, your skin may have a reaction to the deep sutures and form a tender “pimple” over the scar. If this happens, please call and schedule an appointment to recheck this area.


In order to have a less noticeable scar, there are a few important instructions to follow:
  • Keep the tape strips over the wound for 3 more weeks. Do not remove them; let them loosen on their own.

  • If they fall off before 3 weeks, replace them with paper tape strips directly over the skin and perpendicular or across the suture line.

  • These paper tape strips may get wet. Just pat them dry.

  • After 3 weeks, you can leave the tape off. There may still be some redness around the scar. Keep in mind that it takes up to 18 months for scars to completely mature. Redness and any numbness should gradually improve.

  • If you suspect a problem or infection, please call our office.

  • If we stopped any medications prior to surgery, you may re-start them one week after the surgery date.

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