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We accept assignment of Medicare Part B in its traditional form.

No Medicare replacement plans such as Medicare Complete, Medicare Advantage, HMOs or PPOs are accepted.

If you have original traditional Medicare Part B coverage, Medicare will pay 80% of their approved rates after you have paid your annual deductible. You only pay the 20% co-payment and your annual deductible. Any amount over the approved amount will be subtracted away from your bill.

If you do not have a supplemental insurance after Medicare, we will calculate your remaining deductible and copayment for you to pay before leaving after your appointment.

If you have a second insurance that pays part of the 20% co-payment and deductible, we will also submit this for you after receiving Medicare's payment. We will wait four weeks after sending the claim to your second insurance before billing you.

Receiving a bill means that it is now time for you to pay the bill directly. You will not receive a bill until payment is requested.

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